Sunday Inspiration: I was being bullied at work for my hair! 💇

I was being bullied at work for my hair! Yes girl, they tried me but trust, God had a plan all along! He used a situation at work that was meant to destroy me and turned it around for my good! For the longest time, I couldn’t figure out how I would share it, if it was even worth it. Then I was recently contacted by Tathianna, founder of the women’s online ministry,, to submit a guest blog post. Their tagline is, “No story is purposeless!” I knew then that this was the perfect platform! Head over to to read my story. And be encouraged that no matter what you’re going through, that God can turn it all around for your good, just like He did for me! 

– A Black Girl About Town


3 Items to Snag from Macy’s Fall Fashion Show + Pics with Sevyn Streeter and Carson Kressley! 

As we transition from summer to fall, we typically look to add three basic items to our wardrobe; a boot, a jacket, and a dress or pant featuring some sort of pattern. Would you agree? This past week, I attended the Macy’s Annual Fall Fashion Show and was put on to some new ways of rocking some of those same basic pieces we look into year after year. This event was hosted by Carson Kressley with a special performance by R&B singer and Song writer Sevyn Streeter!

The Perfect Bootie

If last fall was about the over-the-knee boot, then this fall will definitely be about the short bootie. On the runway at Macy’s we’ve seen this boot in a variety of patterns and embellishments.

  1. Floral Bootie- Similar here 
  2. Leopard Bootie- Similar here
  3. Patent Bootie – Similar here


Statement Jacket

Aside from its functional purpose of keeping us warm, a jacket is a great way of making a statement during the fall and there are several ways of doing so:

  1. Bomber Jacket- Similar Here
  2. Utility Jacket- Similar Here
  3. Embroidered Jean Jacket- Similar here

Playing with Patterns

Mixing up patterns can be pretty fun no matter the season. Though plaid is a pattern typical for the season, don’t be afraid to wear two opposite patterns together!

After the fashion show concluded, recording artist Sevyn Street took to the stage for an amazing performance! She was nice enough to pose for pictures with everyone after the event!

I even managed to get one with the host, Carson Kressley! Don’t we just look fab?

What fall pieces are you looking to add to your closet?

Outfit– Jumpsuit:: Forman Mills| Sandals:: Forever 21

– A Black Girl About Town

Restaurant Week|Summer ’17| Valanni 

What better way to celebrate the last days of summer than by dining out during Restaurant Week? Sounds like a good time to me! This go round we dined at Valanni, a Mediterranean Restaurant in Center City. Our reservations were for nine Friday evening but due to the high demand from Restaurant Week, the kitchen was backed up, which means we didn’t get seated promptly. This was no problem as it gave us an opportunity to retire to the bar and take in the lovely decor. 

Seasonal Sangria with Berries and Watermelon

Now I’m not going to lie. The presentation was beautiful but the Sangria was severely underwhelming. It was very watered down but luckily the remainder of the night didn’t follow suit. We were seated shortly after.  

Restaurant Week Menu- Valanni

For my first course I chose the Spicy Pulled Pork Empanadas. They were both sweet and spicy but very delicious. 😋

By the time the second course came out, I was ready to eat, or so I thought. I went with the Pasta of the Day which featured a pasta (whose name I can’t remember) topped with braised short rib, tomatoes, spinach and parmesan cheese. What looked like a small portion ended up being more than I could eat so I ended up taking the rest home to enjoy. 

For the third and final course, I chose the Oreo Beignet–a fried Oreo Cookie with vanilla bean ice cream topped with oreo cookie crumbs and caramel. Believe me when I say it was worth every calorie earned that night!

Another satisfied customer! 

Valanni is definitely on my list of places to return to whether Restaurant Week or not. The food was amazing and I fell in love with the chic décor!  But don’t take my word for it! Restaurant Week was just one week this time instead of two. You still have 2 days until Restaurant Week it’s over. Get out while you still can! 

What places have you been dying to try? 

– A Black Girl About Town 

Exploring Philly After Hours

When’s the last time you took the opportunity to explore the beauty in your own city? I mean really look around, not in a rush to get somewhere? Would I be jumping the gun if I said never? Why is it that we can willingly explore the depths of other lands, spending hundreds upon thousands of dollars to do so, yet decline the chance to explore our own city for free? After dining out for Restaurant Week, I took the opportunity to explore Philly after hours, taking in all of the beauty that I so casually ignore on a regular basis.

Macy’s–the old Wanamaker Building

It wasn’t until I went away to college and came back home on a trip that I truly appreciated the place that I called home. The “LOVE” statue that I scoffed at tourists for taking cheesy photos in front of, the vendor carts selling various types of dishes, heck even public transportation and the ability to move about the city without a car was so precious to me after being deprived of it!

“For Without Faith It Is Impossible to Please God…”Hebrews 11:6 — Municipal Building

It’s great to explore other places! In fact I encourage it. But let us not neglect the beauty right in our own neck of the woods. Philly may not be the best city by any means, but it is home!

City Hall

What do you like most about exploring your hometown?

– A Black Girl About Town


2 piece matching set:: Forman Mills

Long Cardigan:: Boutique

Shoes:: Poshmark


OOTN|Return of the Chain Link Print 🔗

If there’s one item I’ve been so desperately trying to get my hands on this summer, it would be anything featuring this chain link print! This print was big a few years back and could be found on any high end brand like Michael Kors to more affordable retailers like Forever 21. It is now making it’s way back into our hearts and onto clothing racks.

What I like most about this print is that it looks very luxurious and chic when paired with the right fabrics, like silk, satin, chiffon or an imitation similar to those. For a while we were seeing this print stamped all over bodycon dresses and I must say, it wasn’t always in great taste. It became overkill but as of right now I can say I’m pretty pleased with its re-emergence.

Last night, I wore this look while attending #poshnation — a networking event for sellers who sell clothing on the Poshmark app. The purpose of the event was to meet and greet other sellers and learn tips on how to grow our closets. It was a great night, in the name of fashion!

Outfit~ Blazer, Top, and Shorts:: Forman Mills Shoes:: Pay Half

Did I nail this trend? How would you rock this stylish print? Also, shop my poshmark closet for new and gently used fashions!

– A Black Girl About Town

Fashion Fridays: A Few Fashionable Finds

A graphic tee is a great way to make a statement without actually having to utter a single word. It speaks for itself. It expresses your mood, sense of humor, cultural pride, and political views. A graphic tee can also be a bit of an esteem booster like the one I recently purchased.

This criss cross cutout features the word Slayoncé (Slay+Beyoncé) across the front. I purchased it from Forman Mills for only $5! It would be wrong not to get it! What do you think? 

If you know me, then you know I love Forman Mills, so of course I didn’t walk out with just one item. While I was at it, I also purchased a pair of black, chunky heels because every girl should have a sturdy heel in their collection. I ultimately decided not to keep them and they are available to purchase on my Poshmark closet if you are interested!

What are your latest fashion finds? Do share!

– A Black Girl About Town

Weave it or Leave it? Havana Twist Lace Wig by Zury~ Review

It’s been a while since I’ve done one of these but here we are with a second edition of Weave it or Leave it! This time, I’m here to talk about the Synthetic Lace Havana Braid Wig by Zury in the color 1B.

This wig was actually given to me by my mother who after spending $50 on this unit, cutting off the lace, undoing some of the twists, and trying it on maybe twice, decided she was going to get rid of it. Skirrrttt. Hol’ up. Wayment. Pause. Throw away a perfectly good wig? Not on my watch! So, she gave it to me.



Application and Styling

Underneath the wig, my hair is braided. You don’t have to do this but I tried to keep a stocking cap over my real hair to protect it. Of course you want to make sure your hair is properly moisturized before you complete this step. Next, I lay my edges using gel and edge control so it can hold a little better. The wig has some added “baby hair” that you can also style for a more natural look.

To secure it, there are several comb clips on the inside as well as a strap that I hardly ever use on any wig because it can get pretty tight. In order to make this wig look as natural as possible, I applied concealer to the parted sections. I also added some gold hair accessories purchased from the beauty supply for added flair.

What Wig???


Perfect for protective styles

Twists are neatly done

Very natural looking


I saw a YouTube tutorial which suggested you should undo some of the twists and re-twist them for a more natural look. I would just warn you that once you redo a twist, it’s very hard for it to stay in place. It is easy for it to come undone again, not to mention when you do your own twist, it may come out looking very different from the other twists.

I also saw a YouTube video of a woman who complained about her twists unraveling on their own after not much wear, which is rather unfortunate. After all, it is a $50 wig! I have not experienced this problem and have been wearing it for about two weeks. Overall, I am pleased with how it looks and have gotten lots of compliments.


If you’re looking for a nice protective style then look no further, however, if you’re looking for something less expensive I would recommend trying some other unit, (here or here) possibly even crochet braids.

Would you ever rock a braided or twisted wig? #WeaveIt or #LeaveIt ? Comment below! More pics to come!

– A Black Girl About Town