3 Items to Snag from Macy’s Fall Fashion Show + Pics with Sevyn Streeter and Carson Kressley! 

As we transition from summer to fall, we typically look to add three basic items to our wardrobe; a boot, a jacket, and a dress or pant featuring some sort of pattern. Would you agree? This past week, I attended the Macy’s Annual Fall Fashion Show and was put on to some new ways of rocking some of those same basic pieces we look into year after year. This event was hosted by Carson Kressley with a special performance by R&B singer and Song writer Sevyn Streeter!

The Perfect Bootie

If last fall was about the over-the-knee boot, then this fall will definitely be about the short bootie. On the runway at Macy’s we’ve seen this boot in a variety of patterns and embellishments.

  1. Floral Bootie- Similar here 
  2. Leopard Bootie- Similar here
  3. Patent Bootie – Similar here


Statement Jacket

Aside from its functional purpose of keeping us warm, a jacket is a great way of making a statement during the fall and there are several ways of doing so:

  1. Bomber Jacket- Similar Here
  2. Utility Jacket- Similar Here
  3. Embroidered Jean Jacket- Similar here

Playing with Patterns

Mixing up patterns can be pretty fun no matter the season. Though plaid is a pattern typical for the season, don’t be afraid to wear two opposite patterns together!

After the fashion show concluded, recording artist Sevyn Street took to the stage for an amazing performance! She was nice enough to pose for pictures with everyone after the event!

I even managed to get one with the host, Carson Kressley! Don’t we just look fab?

What fall pieces are you looking to add to your closet?

Outfit– Jumpsuit:: Forman Mills| Sandals:: Forever 21

– A Black Girl About Town


OOTN|Return of the Chain Link Print 🔗

If there’s one item I’ve been so desperately trying to get my hands on this summer, it would be anything featuring this chain link print! This print was big a few years back and could be found on any high end brand like Michael Kors to more affordable retailers like Forever 21. It is now making it’s way back into our hearts and onto clothing racks.

What I like most about this print is that it looks very luxurious and chic when paired with the right fabrics, like silk, satin, chiffon or an imitation similar to those. For a while we were seeing this print stamped all over bodycon dresses and I must say, it wasn’t always in great taste. It became overkill but as of right now I can say I’m pretty pleased with its re-emergence.

Last night, I wore this look while attending #poshnation — a networking event for sellers who sell clothing on the Poshmark app. The purpose of the event was to meet and greet other sellers and learn tips on how to grow our closets. It was a great night, in the name of fashion!

Outfit~ Blazer, Top, and Shorts:: Forman Mills Shoes:: Pay Half

Did I nail this trend? How would you rock this stylish print? Also, shop my poshmark closet for new and gently used fashions!

– A Black Girl About Town

Fashion Fridays: A Few Fashionable Finds

A graphic tee is a great way to make a statement without actually having to utter a single word. It speaks for itself. It expresses your mood, sense of humor, cultural pride, and political views. A graphic tee can also be a bit of an esteem booster like the one I recently purchased.

This criss cross cutout features the word Slayoncé (Slay+Beyoncé) across the front. I purchased it from Forman Mills for only $5! It would be wrong not to get it! What do you think? 

If you know me, then you know I love Forman Mills, so of course I didn’t walk out with just one item. While I was at it, I also purchased a pair of black, chunky heels because every girl should have a sturdy heel in their collection. I ultimately decided not to keep them and they are available to purchase on my Poshmark closet if you are interested!

What are your latest fashion finds? Do share!

– A Black Girl About Town

Miami|Summer ’17 Lookbook!!!

One of my favorite things about traveling, other than exploring new places, is deciding what outfits I’m going to wear while exploring those places! When I think about Miami, there are a few things that come to mind like, bright colors and fun patterns, which I definitely tried to incorporate into my wardrobe. In addition, the heat and doing a lot of walking inspired me to opt for more comfortable pieces, while still managing to be trendy at the same time!

1. Off-the-Shoulder Top w/ Crochet Knit Shorts

Top:: Forman Mills|Bottoms:: Forman Mills| Bag:: Forman Mills |Sunnies:: Forever 21


2. Printed Kimono

Top:: Forman Mills| Bag::Forman Mills


3. Pink Bodysuit w/ High-wasted Jeans

Top:: Forman Mills |Bottoms:: H&M | Shoes:: AMI Clubwear


4. Deep Plunge Romper

Romper:: Boohoo |Bag:: Macy’s |Shoes:: Poshmark


Which outfit is your favorite? Also, if you haven’t done so, please check out all of the fun things I did while in Miami!

– A Black Girl About Town

OOTN|Army Fatigue X Fringes 

It’s not officially summer yet, but it sure did feel like it this past weekend! I stepped out wearing a simple black graphic tee, fringe heels and an army fatigue skirt with a mesh bottom that I purchased for just $1 by the way. Yes, you read that right! ONE  DOLLAR!!! I love when I come across little deals like this, don’t you? The less money I spend on clothes, the more money I can spend elsewhere!


A neon bag for a pop of color!

How did you spend this very hot weekend?

Top:: Mandee

Skirt:: Forman Mills

Bag:: Forman Mills

Shoes:: AMI Clubwear

– A Black Girl About Town

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Sole Searching: Spring Footwear 

Anyone who knows me, knows I’m not much of a sneaker girl. I currently own 2 pairs of sneakers (sad, I know), one pair of pink pumas and a floral pair of canvas sneakers. Though I admire those who can rock a pair of sneakers and still look fly, I’m much more of a flats kind of gal!

In terms of spring essentials, flat shoes are at the top of the list for me. They are super cute, easy to pair and come in a variety of styles. I recently a floral and a solid pair of pointed toe flats to wear this spring. I love pointed toe shoes because they are office appropriate but can easily transition for an after work affair as well. And if you’ve been following me for any length of time, you know I get a great deal on just about anything! Take a look!


Eternity Fashions, $5.00 (Super Comfy, btw!)


Eternity Fashions, $14.99

What items are you stocking up on this Spring?

– A Black Girl About Town

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How to SLAY a 1920’s look…on a Budget!

If I had the chance to experience any time period firsthand, I would most likely choose the 1920s, for out of that Era came some of the greatest Black American musicians, poets and writers, (i.e.The Harlem Renaissance) not to mention, the fashion was on point. No matter what means people had, they took pride in dressing well and looking their best at all times!

This past weekend, I got a chance to experience a taste of the 20s at a 30th birthday bash. I could’ve easily purchased a pre-packaged costume–it sure as heck would’ve been a lot easier! But being the fashionista that I am, I opted to piece an outfit together from head to toe–all while on a budget! My inspiration for this look was Josephine Baker (of course, duh!) and our favorite bad gal, Ri Ri and her breathtaking ensemble at the 2014 CFDA Awards. I wanted to write this post in hopes that it may garner some inspiration for any of you ladies who may have a similar themed party to attend in the future, or simply for anyone that loves fashion, as do I!


One of the essentials for nailing a 1920s look has to be the headpiece. And it doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg either! I purchased this black turban from the beauty supply store for just under three dollars. To give it that 1920s look I added some feathers from an old mask and attached them to the front using needle and thread.



This dress. Honey!  This dress fit Like. A. Dream! I was seriously considering not wearing it at all. It was just wayyy too shiny and the material is not the best feeling against your skin but I’m happy that I did. I purchased it online from Forever 21 for $18 (plus shipping and handling.) Not only was it delivered on time, it just so happened to be on sale. A win-win in my book.



Ladies, it is very easy to overdo it when it comes to accesories, isn’t it? Our minds tell us that we need to have it all when we really don’t. Less is actually more! I especially wanted to keep the accessories to a minimum on account of my dress being already very loud. I accessorized this look with only two pieces of jewelry; a pearl necklace I purchased ages ago from Burlington Coat Factory and an art-deco type necklace which was gifted to me a few years back. For added flair, I chose to incorporate a faux fur shawl purchased from Forever 21 on sale at $9.99.


I second guessed myself the entire time leading up to the day but it all worked out in the end! Ever been in that situation? Also, have you ever been to an era-specific themed party? Do share!

-A Black Girl About Town

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